Jeremy Kenisky

VP of Creative, MERGE

Merge VR is a Texas-based startup making virtual and augmented reality fun and accessible for everyone. Kenisky leads Merge’s content development teams, the overall design and brand of the company and its products, and works to establish developer relationships and evangelism for outreach activities. His background is at the intersection of science, art, and technology. Kenisky joined Merge in 2016 after his team was acquired for their virtual and augmented reality development expertise.

Kenisky also previously owned and operated a VFX studio working in television and film, where he worked with major brands like Coca Cola, Nestle, and Intel among others. In 2014 with his background in VFX, he executive produced a full stereoscopic IMAX film about the War of 1812. He has built pioneering augmented reality exhibits and installations in over 30 major museums, zoos, and aquariums around the world as part of another company he founded called Zoo-AR.

He is an organizer of ACM SIGGRAPH, where he is the Chair of the Emerging Technologies group, the premier place where new technology relating to computer graphics and interactive techniques is published and introduced to the world.

Kenisky frequently speaks at conferences around the world, where he is seen as a thought leader in augmented and virtual reality.

My Sessions

Future of Play: Creating a Kid-Friendly VR/AR Ecosystem

Room B5

The future of play is filled with magical experiences that help make kids smarter, more creative and more collaborative. Learn how MERGE is creating the future of play every day by designing a kid-friendly, virtual and augmented reality ecosystem that merges physical and digital worlds.

Life Track