Jerri Lynn Hogg

Director Media Psychology, Fielding Graduate University

Jerri Lynn Hogg is a media psychologist, director of the Media Psychology program at Fielding Graduate University, 2015 President of the American Psychological Association’s Society for Media Psychology and Technology, co-creator of Fielding’s Certificate in Brand Psychology and Audience Engagement, and co-author of Mad Men Unzipped.

She integrates her passion for branding, augmented/virtual reality, technology, and digital environments with research to advance the understanding of the positive use of media and technologies and their physical, cognitive, and emotional impact. Jerri Lynn is a coveted industry speaker and with over 50 scholarly presentations on media psychology, is a pioneer in the field of Media Psychology. She recently spent six months working with the U.S. Department of Defense Global Operations on an anti-terrorism simulation using narrative psychology to degrade and counter terrorist messaging in Iraq, Syria, and North Africa. Her current focus is on brand psychology strategies; augmented and virtual environment design solutions; and narrative messaging for positive change.
Jerri Lynn is a frequent expert speaker on immersive media (ISMAR, AWE, Digital Hollywood, & American Psychological Association) with several publications on augmented and virtual reality including “Cognitive Design Considerations for Augmented Reality”, “Audience Profiling: Engaging in the AR/VR/Realtime World”, “ What Is the Real World Anyway? Exploring Design in Built and Virtual Worlds?”, and “Sense of presence”. She is currently working IEE for standards in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
You can find her on Twitter @HoggJL. She also authors a blog for PsychologyToday.com called “The Digital Life.”

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