Joakim Karlén

Director of Product Management, VR and Middleware, Tobii Tech

Joakim Karlén is Director of Product Management, VR and Middleware for Tobii, the global leader in eye tracking technology. Supporting Tobii Tech in defining and planning the company’s leading eye tracking products across the globe, Joakim is spearheading the company’s efforts in expanding eye tracking technology into the VR industry.

Having worked in the technology industry since 1996, Joakim has held positions in several disciplines including software development, software and sales leadership and marketing management for startups and large corporate organizations. Prior to Tobii, Joakim worked at Microsoft as the Product Marketing Manager in Finland and Sweden, where he was responsible for the Windows product marketing towards the consumer audience. He was also a key contributor to the Windows 7 and 8 launch across all audience and segments.

My Sessions

Creating Immersive VR & AR Experiences with Eye Tracking

Room GH

In this session, Joakim Karlén, Director of Product Management, VR and Middleware, will give attendees an understanding of the many ways that eye tracking enables better devices for OEMS and better experiences for end users. He will also paint the future picture of how our interactions with these devices will become more natural, and more intuitive, over the next few years.

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