Jonathan Josephson

Founder & CTO, Quantum Interface, LLC

Jonathan Josephson is CTO, Founder and Inventor of Quantum Interface’s (QI) predictive and dynamic-motion interaction platform. With more than 25 years of experience creating technology innovations, systems and experiences, his designs and IP are the foundation of QI’s paradigm change for interactions, which are now forming the basis of AR/VR/XR, touch and touchless universal designs. He is regularly requested to speak in the US and internationally on the future of the HMI and the future of the CX.

My Sessions

The Amazing New Future of Storytelling for New Technologies

Room J

This presentation will explore an entirely new way of interacting in XR – predictive and dynamic motion – which causes everything around us to have new capabilities, have intelligence based on user intent, and to respond to us in amazing new ways. Along with a demonstration of the use of this technology.

Design Track