Josh Carpenter

UX Lead for WebXR, Google

Josh Carpenter is UX Lead for WebVR and AR at Google, where his team creates prototypes, developer tools and standards proposals for XR on the open web. Their current focus is on bringing mobile AR to the web, as seen in demos shared at Google I/O 2018. Before joining Google, Josh led the Mozilla WebVR team, and co-created A-Frame, the popular WebVR framework. Josh is based in San Francisco.

My Sessions

ARCore: Augmented Reality at Android scale

Room B1

Augmented reality offers the promise of enhancing the human experience by making computing more immersive, natural, and contextual. In time, we’ll be able to speak with friends on the other side of the world as if they’re in the room with us; look out onto an unfamiliar street and know everything about it and bring anything we want to our space. To get there, Google is bringing new technologies to the world that enable developers to build rich, immersive experiences at scale. This session will cover how Google inspire to make AR accessible for every developer with ARCore and WebXR.

Inspire Track