Julie Young


Julie Young is co-founder and CEO of SH//FT, a community-driven company that celebrates and promotes diverse voices in the VR/AR industry. SH//FT partners with tech companies to create scholarships, events, spotlight programs, and workshops for women and other underrepresented groups. Julie also co-runs the Women in VR/AR Facebook group. Before SH//FT, Julie was on the Spectacles team at Snap, Inc. She also produced two room-scale VR experiences with Emblematic Group: “Out of Exile” (Sundance 2017) and “Across the Line” (Sundance 2016). Julie is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied economics at The Wharton School.

My Sessions

Diversity in XR

Room B1

In this panel, 4 leaders are determined to shake the industry out of its complacency to grow and integrate different voices and perspectives into the foundations of the emerging XR environment. They will discuss their approaches to creating an inclusive culture, with their thoughts on accountability, distribution of opportunities, networking, fundraising, and mentorship as part of a strong diverse social XR community that can bring this vision to life. 

Inspire Track