Jürgen Lumera

Automotive Service Solutions, AR Product management and Innovation, Bosch

Jürgen Lumera is a Director at Bosch Automotive Aftermarket and is responsible for product development in the field of Augmented Reality (AR) for service, training, and production. After studying mechanical engineering and Informatics – Lumera developed controls for lasers and training solutions in the aerospace industry before moving to the area of technical documentation. Very early on, he developed systems that allow efficient solving of highly complex documentation tasks. For five years he developed solutions in the field of AR and has led his team to complete what Bosch believes to be the first fully industrialized authoring system for AR. As a member of the Board of AREA (Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance), an organization which is a resource for industrial companies, providing neutral information about the introduction of AR, he helps industrial companies to further apply and disseminate AR technology.


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My Sessions

My Sessions

How to get from a Proof of Concept (PoC) to a Productive Rollout?

Room B4

Despite the huge impact AR may have, the challenge is for companies to move from a successful PoC to a productive rollout. We will discuss the causes and opportunities to overcome this.

Work Track

What can Automotive Aftersales expect from AR?

Room B1

How will AR change the modern automotive dealership?  Starting with the sales process, into reception and entrance check, through diagnostics, service and training, AR will influence the way dealerships work and interact with their customers.  We will discuss the opportunities and challenges to implementing AR solutions.

Inspire Track