Justin Diener

Managing Partner, Drive Studios

After attending University of Colorado Boulder to study film and business, Justin Diener moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in filmmaking. Starting as an assistant at some of the country’s premier post houses, he later transitioned into live action and progressed to become a freelance line producer. Today Justin has over a decade of experience working as a line producer and post producer. Splitting his time between Los Angeles and New York he has had the incredible fortune of working with some of the industry’s most innovative directors, producers, ad agencies, and tech companies. As one of the founding partners of Drive Studios, his most recent venture has been to push the limits of whats possible with AR.

My Sessions

4th Wall: Breaking the Fine Art/Audience Barrier in AR

Room B5

How does a fine artist end up working in AR? Can AR democratize access to art? Does the app user “cross over” and become a de facto curator? 4th Wall app founder Nancy Baker Cahill addresses her evolution from making drawings in analog, to creating her own brushstrokes in VR, to witnessing people harness their own creativity by exploding the notions of “gallery” and “museum” and enabling users to place her artwork (and studio!) anywhere in the world.

Life Track