Kalan Ray

Development Supervisor, Magnopus

Kalan Ray is the Development Supervisor at Magnopus and co-founder of VKTRY Creative Studios.

He is an animator, programmer, and designer whose work has contributed to the Emmy-Nominated interactive experience Mission:ISS, as well as Pixar’s Coco VR, Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab, Martin Scorsese’s The Audition, and an upcoming global VR news platform.

An expert in rapid prototyping and previsualization, Kalan has supervised and creatively contributed to development in feature films, television, commercials, music videos, theme park rides, video games, and VR experiences. His film credits include The Jungle Book, Fantastic4, Star Trek: Beyond, at many prestigious visual effects companies, including DreamWorks, Pixomondo, and Bad Robot.

A California native, Kalan was born and raised in Barstow, and holds a degree in Linguistics from the University of California at Long Beach.

My Sessions

Bringing the Land of the Dead to Life: The Making of Coco VR

Room J

Delve into the making of Coco VR, the stunning virtual reality experience set inside the world of Disney•Pixar’s Oscar-winning animated film, with Kalan Ray, Development Supervisor at Magnopus. In this session, Kalan will discuss how Magnopus and Disney•Pixar teams collaborated closely – including working together within VR itself – to expand the world of Coco as an experience fans can share with their friends on Oculus Rift and Gear VR.

Design Track