Kenn Song

Research & Development Director, VisionStar Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Kenn leads EasyAR development at VisionStar. He has years of experience on computer vision research and cross-platform system development, focused on real-time computer vision algorithms and systems. Before moving to VisionStar, he served in Marvell, worked on GPU driver and augmented reality technology research and development.

My Sessions

EasyAR – Much More than SDK

Room GH

EasyAR SDK was first released in October 2015, it has a handful set of useful features with very easy to use APIs for AR development. And in May 2017, EasyAR SDK 2.0 came out providing SLAM and 3D object tracking and screen recording features together with newly designed multi language APIs. And EasyAR Cloud recognition service was online for service in the same summer.

Develop Track