Khaled Sarayeddine

CTO, Optinvent

Khaled has 20 years of experience in Optics and highly respected for his expertise in industry circles. He has chaired several industry consortiums and is a leading figure in the field. He is well versed in industrial methods and has developed a wide ranging network of long term supplier partnerships. He holds a PHD in Optics from Université de Franche Comté.


Watch Khaled Sarayeddine talk at AWE USA 2017

My Sessions

My Sessions

Optical Technologies & Challenges for Next Generation AR

Room GH

The talk will describe the current status on key optical technologies and ongoing development to meet Small footprint & Large FOV High resolution Display, as well to accommodate Light field feature.

Develop Track

Augmented Reality and Smart Glasses: Disruption or Distraction

Room XK

The destiny of mobile AR has been inextricably linked to the success of Smart Glasses. Although Smart Glasses and AR have good traction so far in the enterprise space, consumer adoption has remained elusive. Will the next generation of Smart Glasses be more successful than their predecessors in bringing AR to the masses?

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