Kimberly Culp

Counsel, Venable LLP

Kimberly Culp, San Francisco Venable LLP attorney, works with video game and digital media companies, including in connection with AR and VR technologies.  She assesses and manages risk in a wide variety of matters, such as advertising claims, trademarks, trade secrets, privacy policies, terms of use, warranty claims, intellectual property, and general business matters.  In all aspects of her practice, Kimberly’s focus is on reaching her client’s strategic goal, and she has successfully met those strategic goals for early-stage and mature companies.

My Sessions

101: Law & ARder

Room XK

How are rights and laws in the real world being applied and interpreted for AR, VR, and MR situations? How are branding and IP rights being impacted? What is happening with trespass and nuisance claims related to free range AR experiences? Is there any government oversight of AR or VR? How could GDPR potentially impact people outside of Europe?

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