Lance Anderson

Vice President of Enterprise Sales, Vuzix Corporation

Extensive sales and management experience in complex high dollar value technical/software environments for Fortune 500 clients worldwide. Balance relationship building skills with technical aptitude and leadership by example style to achieve persistent results. Draw upon engineering/finance background in delivering innovative solutions for enterprise clients.

My Sessions

Augmented Reality Smart Glasses: Form vs Function

Room B1

As the market for Augmented Reality hardware accelerates, smart glasses of all shapes, sizes and functions have begun to appear. While many people are waiting for the ‘Best’ glasses to emerge as the single market leading device, the reality is that most if not all of these glasses have their place and time. Also to be discussed is the constant debate between form and function, and why it matters. Finally, the future of this technology will be explored in this context of form vs function in an effort to help the audience prepare for the technology that will bring AR into our daily lives.

Inspire Track