Lauren Messinger

Head of GTM & Customer Experience, Nomadic

Lauren Messinger is the Head of GTM & Customer Experience at Nomadic, an immersive virtual reality (VR) entertainment company introducing a scalable, innovative model of VR entertainment. At Nomadic, Lauren drives the company’s global go-to-market strategy, customer experience and location-based entertainment expansion following its mission to bring immersive VR entertainment to communities everywhere.

In her extensive career, Lauren has led disruptive business and marketing efforts, retail innovation and brand partnerships for globally recognized and revered brands including Hewlett-Packard, IRONMAN and RedBull. Before joining Nomadic, Messinger launched multiple global consumer products, produced global live events, led experiential brand marketing teams, consulted with global brands on go-to-market strategy.

My Sessions

Location Based Entertainment as a Driver for Consumer Adoption of XR: There is Nothing Like the First Time

Room B5

2018 is the year of Location Based Entertainment with many VR experiences, arcades, pop-ups, tours and venues launching in malls, movie theatres, theme parks and on corners all over the world. This panel conversation will look at the LBE experience, impact of LBE on adoption and the growth of LBE around the world.

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