Leon Laroue

Technical Product Manager, Epson America

Leon Laroue is a Technical Product Manager of Augmented Reality Solutions at Epson America, Inc. His focus is in supporting and growing the developer community for Epson’s Moverio family of smart eyewear products, as well as in identifying third-party software and hardware vendors for partnership opportunities. Additionally, Leon is responsible for new product design and development. Epson’s Moverio family of smart eyewear products enable next-generation AR experiences, from the home to the jobsite, including in media, gaming, and entertainment. Leon is actively searching for technologies, content creators and creation tools, and applications that both add utility to Moverio and bring rich AR experiences to the masses. Prior to his current role at Epson, Leon developed enterprise software for Goldman Sachs and Co. Leon holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley, and an M.B.A. from UCLA.

My Sessions

From Idea to Reality: How to Build Moverio AR Smart Glasses Apps and Solutions Using AR Platforms, SDKs, and Other Development Tools

Room GH

This session will focus on calling attention to Wikitude, OSVR and any other partners that optimize their platforms/plug-ins/tools for Moverio.

Develop Track