Leslie Hartzell

Division Chief; Archeologist, California State Parks Cultural Resources Division

Leslie L. Hartzell brings 15 years’ experience leading efforts to use VR (3600) to integrate cultural heritage preservation in California State Parks’ interpretation, exhibits, and educational programs. State Parks audiences reach over 50M visitors, including over 50,000 schoolchildren annually through online distance learning.

Leslie received her PhD. in Anthropology (Archaeology) from UC Davis in 1992; followed by a post-doctoral international research fellowship award from the National Science Foundation in 1994 for research in Tasmania, Australia through La Trobe University in Melbourne.
Leslie’s career couples her passion for history and drive to engage life-long learners; whether through innovative exhibits in Hobart’s 19th century Water Works that received a National Trust of Australia award, or award-winning preservation and exhibit projects throughout State Parks. Serving as State Park’s Cultural Resources Division Chief, she has primary responsibility for leading programs to preserve and protect State Parks’ historic buildings, archaeological sites and museum collections.

My Sessions

Preserving the Past to Benefit the Future

Room XK

In this session, digital heritage pioneers Lon Addison and Leslie Hartzell will discuss 3D digital preservation and immersive exploration of ancient heritage sites, including the challenges of cross-cultural interpretation and distribution.

XR4Good Track