Lon Addison

President, International Society on Virtual Systems & Multimedia

Lon Addison is a consultant, author, professor and former United Nations official. An advisor to cultural institutions, tech ventures, non-profits, and governments, he guided new media & early VR research as founding Director of the University of California Berkeley’s Center for Design Visualization, served as VP of 3D lidar pioneer Cyra Technologies (Leica Geosystems), and reformed online knowledge and communications as Director at the UN’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural arm. For over a decade as Special Advisor for World Heritage at UNESCO, he built cultural archives and alliances, and led field conservation and documentation at sites from Cambodia to Peru, Egypt to Myanmar, and Belize to Bhutan. He has authored numerous books/papers including Disappearing World in 9 languages. In addition to serving on the boards of multiple NGOs and non-profits, he is currently planning the 3rd Int’l Digital Heritage Congress, coming to San Francisco in fall 2018.

My Sessions

Preserving the Past to Benefit the Future

Room XK

In this session, digital heritage pioneers Lon Addison and Leslie Hartzell will discuss 3D digital preservation and immersive exploration of ancient heritage sites, including the challenges of cross-cultural interpretation and distribution.

XR4Good Track