Luis Bollinger

Co-Founder & CMO, Holo-Light

Luis Bollinger is CMO and co-founder of Holo-Light, a leading software development company for industrial Mixed Reality end-user applications in Europe. He studied business administration with focus on Marketing and worked for companies like OSRAM and Analog Devices. At the age of 24 he already gained a lot of experience participating in the Tech-Accelerators TechFounders and Startupautobahn from Plug&Play. At Pioneers Festival ’17 he represented Holo-Light, winning the category industry 4.0 and making it to the Top 8 out of more than 3.000 applicants.


Watch Luis Bollinger talk at AWE EUROPE 2017

My Sessions

Holo-Stylus: Next Level Interaction in MR

Room GH

This session will look at Holo-Stylus, an input device, which is intuitive to use, offers a new level of accuracy and can be connected to a variety of smart glasses. The Dev Kit will be shipped in Q2 2018 and can be integrated in any software solution thanks to an open SDK.

Develop Track