Lynn Rosenthal

Founder & CEO, Periscape

Lynn Rosenthal is the Los Angeles-based CEO and Founder of Periscape, Inc. and Periscape Studios. She is a VR and AR enthusiast on the forefront of creating luxury VR/AR/MR Experience Centers at high-profile locations worldwide.

With her expert sense of story and production gained in the trenches as a Hollywood producer, a wealth of knowledge of the retail world and a touch of savvy working as a high-profile marketing strategist, Lynn is delivering the best in location-based entertainment with both curated and original VR and AR content.

Lynn continues in her role as CEO of Rosenthal Media, an immersive media consulting firm that specializes in developing media identities, strategic campaigns and experiences for clients ranging from rock stars to global retailers. She is known for solving her clients’ biggest marketing challenges with a rare blend of humor, boldness, industry knowledge, and strategic thinking that unfailingly results in stellar creative execution. This is possible, in part, because she started her career as a comedy writer for Joan Rivers and Sam Kinison.

My Sessions

Location Based Entertainment as a Driver for Consumer Adoption of XR: There is Nothing Like the First Time

Room B5

2018 is the year of Location Based Entertainment with many VR experiences, arcades, pop-ups, tours and venues launching in malls, movie theatres, theme parks and on corners all over the world. This panel conversation will look at the LBE experience, impact of LBE on adoption and the growth of LBE around the world.

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