Margaret Martin

CEO, CN2, Inc.

“Margaret Martin is Founder and CEO of CN2, the leader in Enterprise XR, and our patented Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, allows elegant, scalable, XR applications, that historically took months to develop, to be created within days.

Margaret has over 20 years of experience leading disruptive educational and media technology companies to commercial success in the Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Portland, OR and Atlanta technology markets. She is an expert at identifying breakthrough technologies and building companies around their viable business applications.

CN2 was founded via a Research Grant Margaret received through Georgia Tech, where she partnered with the Augmented Environments Lab, one of the leading AR Research Facilities in the world. CN2 is her second Georgia Tech Venture and company awards include the Harvard Business School’s New Venture Competition, selection as one of Georgia’s Top Ten Innovative Technology Companies, The Technology Association of Georgia’s People’s Choice Award for the Coolest Technology and The National Association of Telecom Professionals Innovation Award and membership in Springboard Enterprises 2011 Class.”

My Sessions

Scalable XR in the Enterprise: Best Practices for Overcoming Obstacles

Room B4

This session will look at a Case Study of three Fortune 500 companies exploring the legacy systems, processes and workflows traditionally utilized, and how those systems were disrupted, allowing these companies to become XR visionaries as well as pioneers, in 3 unique verticals.

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