Mark Gurman

Consumer Technology News, Bloomberg

Mark Gurman is a Bloomberg reporter covering Apple and consumer technology products. Gurman has broken countless stories on consumer electronics and other services created by Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and other top tech players. He is also the host “Gadgets with Gurman,” an online consumer tech show in which he reviews a highly-anticipated product to help viewers get the most out of their devices. He joined Bloomberg in 2016 after he graduated from the University of Michigan.

My Sessions

A Journalist’s View on XR

Room B1

A passionate group of tech journalists discuss the state of XR. The panel will look behind the hype of immersive technologies to discuss what the vendors are offering, if they are meeting expectations, and what to expect next in terms of technology advancement. As an important tie in we will also discuss how businesses are starting to experiment with and deploy XR as they map out their own innovation plans for the coming years.

Inspire Track