Mat Chacon

CEO, Doghead Simulations

With over 20 years in the software industry, Mat has a demonstrated history of building and growing software start-ups, achieving a successful IPO, company sale and helped grow one to over $700 million dollars in market capital. He is extensively published on how virtual reality is improving distributed education and the remote workforce. At Doghead Simulations, Mat leads a globally distributed and diverse organization that works in VR every single day using their product named rumii. Mat attended Harvard Business School and has a background in Social Media Marketing and Counterintelligence, with advanced degrees and experience in both.

My Sessions

Educating Across Realities Bridging distance, time and scale in education and training

Room B5

In this age of XR, people will no longer go to school… they will simply attend school. XR is linking the two-dimensional screens of the digital world in front of us with the 3-dimensional physical world around. This is having the unifying effect of bridging social class, closing the resource gap and freeing our distinct human capabilities to simulate, visualize and interact across each of our unique realities.

Life Track