Max Rebuschatis

Software Engineer, Google

Max worked in the games industry at Electronic Arts for a decade on The Sims franchise before joining Google to do immersive computing. He initially worked on physical installations showcasing Google’s search and data technology and then transitioned to building virtual immersive experiences in VR and AR. His current project/team’s mission is to bring VR and AR to the web to enable web developers to create immersive websites. Max is very excited about developers being able to create immersive experiences using Javascript and HTML in order to democratize these technologies and enable many exciting use-cases that are only possible on the web.

My Sessions

Introduction to Augmented Reality on the Web

Room GH

Augmented reality is coming to the web. Learn what that means, and how you can start developing AR experiences with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Google developers Marley Rafson and Max Rebuschatis will walk through the new WebXR API and share code, tools and lessons learned.

Develop Track