Michael Buckwald

CEO, Leap Motion

Michael Buckwald is the CEO and Co-founder of Leap Motion, a software and hardware company developing 3D motion-control technology for virtual reality and additional computing platforms. Leap Motion’s mission is to break down the barriers between humans and computers to redesign technology to be intrinsically human.

Prior to co-founding Leap Motion, Michael was the CEO of Zazuba.com, a business appointment service later acquired by a major national yellow pages company. Additionally, he ran the first deployment of computers to Madagascar with the One Laptop per Child program. Michael earned his dual Bachelor’s degree in philosophy and political science from George Washington University.

My Sessions

The Missing Link in VR/AR

Room B1

Virtual and augmented reality are at a critical point. The coming of these technologies have signaled a great moment in the history of human civilization. But the fundamental limit in technology is not its size, cost, or speed, but how we interact with it.

Leap Motion is creating the interface for the next billion user platform, while forging a natural connection between humans and technology in ways that will redefine the human experience.

Inspire Track