Michael Leventhal

Partner, Holmes Weinberg, PC

Michael Leventhal provides corporate, intellectual property and business transactional services for media/entertainment and technology companies, particularly in AR/MR/VR/XR. Working with entrepreneurs and visionaries at all stages of development has long been one of Michael’s passions.

Michael has been on the forefront of the legal and business aspects of nearly every major technological innovation in digital media from before the dawn of the World Wide Web through XR.

Michael has provided advice on strategic planning, structuring companies, licensing matters, and all manner of corporate transactions to Fortune 500 companies, digital vanguards, entertainment/digital technology hybrids, and traditional companies moving into digital media. For 5 years, Michael served as chief legal officer and VP at Magic Leap.

Michael is a frequent speaker on intellectual property and digital media, and has authored many articles on the subject, including his blog Mediated Reality, dealing with legal and business issues in the world of AR/VR.

My Sessions

101: Law & ARder

Room XK

How are rights and laws in the real world being applied and interpreted for AR, VR, and MR situations? How are branding and IP rights being impacted? What is happening with trespass and nuisance claims related to free range AR experiences? Is there any government oversight of AR or VR? How could GDPR potentially impact people outside of Europe?

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