Michael Perman

CEO, Head of Innovation, C'EST WHAT?, LLC

Michael empowers organizations of all sizes to envision a future of prosperity and growth through values-based innovation. He’s galvanizes teams to move forward with phenomenal creativity and courage. With his foresights and unique approach to insights, organizations become better equipped to make strategic decisions on where to invest their time, energy, and resources for growth.

Michael has been Senior Director of Global Marketing and Insights for Levi’s and “Dean of Innovation” for Gap across all their brands and functions. As a futurist and innovation leader, he has provided innovation or brand advice to a wide spectrum of brands and categories. He also has strong expertise in brand strategy, design-thinking and trend forecasting. Michael is a
master-level workshop facilitator for corporate executives and a memorable key-note speaker who creates an engaging audience experience.

My Sessions

Craving the Future

Room B4

In this unique and engaging audience experience, Michael shares perspectives about the future through the lens of what people CRAVE in their lives. His foresights are derived from decades of global ethnographic studies, findings from quantitative research and dozens of recent interviews with innovation luminaries through his podcast series called CRAVING THE FUTURE.

Work Track