Michael Rucker

Co-Founder & COO, OmniVirt

Michael Rucker is the Co-Founder and COO of OmniVirt, a 360° VR advertising and distribution platform. Prior to OmniVirt, Michael spent 7 years at YouTube holding a variety of different leadership positions. Michael led YouTube’s content strategy across its 5 main verticals: Entertainment, Music, Sports, News, and Education. Joining YouTube in 2007, Michael helped drive YouTube’s growth from its early days, launching YouTube’s first monetization products to leading consumer marketing for the site across Asia-Pacific. Michael has touched both the consumer and business side of the digital video business.

My Sessions

Monetizing VR/AR: Case Studies and Lessons Learned from the Advertising Industry

Room B5

Big brands and publishers are starting to use 360/VR/AR in their marketing and have been finding great success even though many of them are just starting out and experimenting. This talk will provide developers, content creators, brands, and publishers alike with insights on how to use these mediums and sustain their businesses financially with advertising.

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