Michelle Tsing

Co-founder and CO, HATS TOKEN

Michelle is Cofounder and CEO of HATS РHuman Analysis of Tokens, a company that makes decentralized tools for the everyday crypto enthusiast. Michelle co-founded a blockchain payments startup in 2015 and is a strategic ICO advisor. She is a mentor for SVI Academy and Hack Temple and advises a number of startups in 3D printing, AI and social sharing. She founded Robotics for Good: Chatbots, Messaging and AI community; and donates her time to both The Loving AI XPRIZE Project and Robots Without Borders. She is also producer and host of Laptop Radio at Stanford University and CryptoChange.News. She is prior corporate counsel at PayPal including Bill Me Later, Zong and Where app. Before PayPal, she worked at Sunrise Telecom, Apple, Samsung, eBay and Cisco. Michelle’s vision includes higher consciousness in humans and AI planet-wide, distributed computation, an open mesh network, brain synchronization and AI for all.

My Sessions

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain’s Role in XR

Room B5