Nathaniel Krasnoff

Investor, Wildcat Venture Partners

Nathaniel Krasnoff is an investor at Wildcat Venture Partners, an early stage Bay Area based VC looking at how intelligent systems affect a broad range of verticals including Workforce Innovation, retail, supply chain, logistics, fintech, edtech, insuretech, digital health, enterprise iOT, and others. Nathaniel is a recovering mechanical engineer with a passion for developing new products and initiatives that improve the lives of the people who use them. To date, he has spent the majority of his professional career developing technology in the spaces of augmented reality (AR) and transportation through which he designed and built AR motorcycle helmets and electric race boats, and is a proud member of World Economic Forum’s Global Shaper Initiative.

My Sessions

There Will Be Winners: Who’s in the Room to Make That happen?

Room B5

Technologists are rapidly evolving in the digital revolution, the tech. To rapidly scale and make good on the promises to change the way we live and work, domain experts need to also be in the room, whether that be doctors (diagnosing, surgery), lawyers (data visualization, crime scene investigations) to storytellers and movie makers to zoologists need to understand what and how the tech works to apply it in meaningful ways to their consumers, users, audiences. Let’s talk about what that means, who is doing that well and what that means for you, your venture, your business etc.

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