Neil Mathew

CEO, Vertical

Neil Mathew is the Co-founder and CEO of Vertical, a Y-combinator backed startup, building a visual persistence API for mobile AR apps. Essentially, this lets developers permanently attach AR content to indoor physical spaces without GPS or markers. His team specializes in indoor location-based AR experiences and, so far, has worked with museums, retail stores and industrial clients among others.

Before Vertical, Neil spent 8 years building 3D mapping and perception technology for tiny autonomous drones. It was through this work that he realized the need for a robust visual positioning system as a critical piece of the puzzle for real world AR applications.

Neil’s vision for Vertical is to use AR to build a better user interface for the real world and he spends most of his time trying to build a practical roadmap towards this vision.

His favorite business quote is, “Build something you want and hope you’re normal”.

You can find him on twitter as @neilxm or email him at neil@vertical.ai

My Sessions

Why the Real World Needs a Better UI: Lessons learnt building location-based AR experiences.

Room J

In this talk, Neil Mathew, the Co-founder and CEO of Vertical, will explore three examples, where location-based AR content has made a big difference to the real world experience of a space – Museums, Retail and Industrial inspection. He will discuss case studies of real implementations, the mistakes they made and the lessons they learnt building and deploying user interfaces for physical spaces.

Design Track