Neil Sarkar

CEO, AdHawk Microsystems

Neil Sarkar is the CEO and co-founder of AdHawk Microsystems, an Intel-backed startup that develops a thin layer of technology that resides between humans and mobile computers. He has over 15 years of experience as a microsystem design engineer with a focus on ultra-precise mechatronic systems that reside on CMOS chips. This technology was applied at AdHawk to create the world’s first camera-free eye tracking microsystem that achieves order-of-magnitude improvements across all key metrics in AR/VR applications (power consumption, bandwidth, size, latency, ease-of-integration) when compared to conventional eye trackers. These days, Neil is obsessed with AdHawk’s vision to make human computer interaction in AR/VR seamless and effective.

Before AdHawk, Neil and his team commercialized the world’s first single-chip Atomic Force Microscope at ICSPI Corp, a spinoff from the University of Waterloo that has commoditized nanometer scale metrology. Dr. Sarkar is a PhD fellow of the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology and the winner of the 2014 Douglas Colton Award for research excellence in microsystems.

My Sessions

Ultra-Fast Eye Tracking Without Cameras for Mobile AR Headsets

Room GH

This session showcases the first camera-free eye-tracking microsystem. A MEMS (microelectromechanical system) device on a tiny chip scans a beam of light across the eye 4,500 times every second. The latest specifications to be revealed at AWE are enabling foveated rendering in mobile platforms, endpoint prediction during saccades, and unprecedented insights into the state of the user. 

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