Orkun Oguz

CEO, Cy Vision

Orkun Oguz is the co-founder and the CEO of CY Vision Inc, a Silicon Valley startup developing computational holographic technology to power up the next generation AR & VR head worn displays. CY Vision’s holographic technology combined with pupil tracking solution mimics the way human brain and eyes function and present 3D information with correct focus cues to each eye.
Prior to CY Vision, Orkun was the co-founder and the CEO of Peppers & Rogers Group, a consulting firm based in Connecticut leveraging advanced data analysis techniques and AI to drive customer insight for its clients. After growing the operations to more than 10 countries, Orkun and his partners successfully sold the company and exited.
Orkun graduated from Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and has an MBA from University of Georgia.

My Sessions

Critical Factors for the Mass Adaption of XR

Room GH

This session focuses on ‘Visual Comfort’ as an additional factor for the success of the XR industry looking at natural viewing experience, high latency and vergence & accommodation conflict and the need to present information with true depth cues even for one eye, which is required for comfortable viewing experience without any visual conflicts.

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