Patrick Flanagan

Audio Architect, THX

Patrick is a researcher specializing in audio technology. Most recently, he co-authored: “Evaluation of Binaural Renderers: A Methodology”. He is also the lead researcher on spatial (3D) audio, at THX. He focuses on perceptual measurement techniques for measuring the importance of rendering and the interactions of the user for headphone and loudspeaker playback. Patrick has been a member of the Audio Engineering Society since 2004, and holds a patent for an Improved Wireless Audio System as the co-inventor.

My Sessions

Binaural Evaluations of Rendering Methods: Using 3D Audio for Immersive Experiences

Room J

An understanding of tools and techniques for proper rendering 3D / spatial audio. THX’s lead audio architect, Patrick Flanagan, will review the research and any updates (first research was published in October 2017, more is scheduled to be published). In addition Patrick will walk through the necessary steps and theories behind using audio as a tool in mixing and recording

Design Track