Paul Davies

Associate Technical Fellow, Boeing

Paul Davies is an Electrical Engineer, Project Manager and Associate Technical Fellow at The Boeing Company.

He developed the company’s prototype Augmented Reality tool for manufacturing applications, and is currently leading a team overseeing its implementation on production programs around the company. In addition, he continues to lead advanced visualization Research and Development in the manufacturing domain.

Paul received a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology in May 2004, and a MS degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Digital Signal Processing from California State University Long Beach in May 2008.


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My Sessions

The Boeing AR Kit (BARK) Wire Harness Install Application, and Testing in the Factory

Room B4

This presentation will cover the Boeing Augmented Reality Kit (BARK) Wire Install application, its front and back end development, integration with enterprise systems, and our 3D alignment process. We will discuss the use case of Augmented Reality (AR) to improve touch labor tasks, and provide a summary of our testing of this system in the factory on aircraft wire harness installation jobs.

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