Percy Stocker

President, Ubimax Americas

Percy is the co-founder of Ubimax and “President Ubimax Americas”. In this position, he holds full responsibility for Ubimax’s business in the American region, including business development, customer success, human resources, and ecosystem. Percy has more than 10 years of work experience in professional services, IT and IoT consulting, and operations. He holds a computer science master’s degree from Technical University of Munich, Germany and the National University of Singapore. Percy is based in Ubimax’s Silicon Valley office in Palo Alto.

My Sessions

Run your business smarter and be your own Augmented Reality creator with Ubimax Frontline

Room B4

With the opening of a second US office located on the West Coast, this year’s AWE USA presentation will be a home game for Auggie Award 2017 winner Ubimax. Four-time speaker and Ubimax CEO and co-founder Dr. Hendrik Witt will give exclusive insights into the market leader’s Smart Glasses projects, demonstrating the game-changing value of Ubimax’s Wearable Computing and Augmented Reality solutions for the frontline workforce.

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