Phil Keslin

CTO, Niantic Labs

Phil Keslin is the Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Niantic, Inc., creators of Pokemon GO. Started in early 2011 and Incubated within Google, Phil led the engineering team in exploring the convergence of mobile, geo and social within a range of applications leading up to the launch of Ingress and FieldTrip. Prior to Niantic, Phil was a contributor to StreetView, GMail and Lively products while at Google. Additionally Phil was a GPU Architect at NVIDIA and a key contributor to the design and development several of their GPUS. In 2000, Phil joined up with John Hanke to found Keyhole. As its CTO, Phil led the development of the Earthviewer application which would later become Google Earth following the company’s acquisition by Google. Phil received his MBA from Southern Methodist University and his Bachelors in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin.


Watch Phil Keslin talk at AWE USA 2017

My Sessions

ar is more than just pixels

Room B1

We started with the mission to find ways to inspire people to explore the world around them, getting a little exercise along the way, and having fun doing it with others. Creating exciting and magical experiences tied to the real world seemed like the right way to make this happen. In this talk I’ll share how we started with innovative stories in a virtual world then tied it to unique real world objects and places through various forms of augmented reality to create compelling shared experiences for our players. I’ll conclude with possibilities for future shared experiences that we hope to create.

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