Philip Lelyveld

VR/AR Initiative program lead, Entertainment Technology Center @ USC

Philip Lelyveld runs the Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Initiative at the University of Southern California’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC@USC), a think tank within the School of Cinematic Arts. The ETC@USC is funded by the six major Hollywood studios plus related service, technology, and consumer electronics companies to advise them on emerging technology-related opportunities, connect them with start-ups and communities of interest, help accelerate adoption of promising technologies, and work to drive standardization and avoid format wars. His VR/AR Initiative studies and works to influence the creative, technical, social, and business issues that will shape this new, emerging art form. Phil is currently working on the rapidly evolving ecosystem that includes immersive media, IoT, AI, and blockchain. Prior to joining the ETC@USC Mr. Lelyveld spent 10 years coordinating multi-business unit and multi-studio efforts related to entertainment technology as Disney’s corporate VP of Digital Industry Relations.


Watch Philip Lelyveld talk at AWE USA 2017

My Sessions

101: Law & ARder

Room XK

How are rights and laws in the real world being applied and interpreted for AR, VR, and MR situations? How are branding and IP rights being impacted? What is happening with trespass and nuisance claims related to free range AR experiences? Is there any government oversight of AR or VR? How could GDPR potentially impact people outside of Europe?

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