Prescott Watson

Product Strategy, Edgybees

Prescott contributes to business and product strategy as an adviser and seed investor at Edgybees, the leader in fast-motion augmented reality. Prior to his work in Silicon Valley, Prescott spent five years in Israel as a principal on the investment team of OurCrowd, one of Israel’s most active venture firms. Based in Tel Aviv, Prescott’s focus was cybersecurity, network infrastructure, and ADAS/autonomy. Before his career in technology, Prescott spent a brief time as a photojournalist in the San Francisco Bay Area and originally hails from the Midwest.

My Sessions

From Playing Games to Saving Lives – AR for Drones, & Automotive for First Responders

Room B4

Edgybees was founded in 2016 with the goal of making drone flying more entertaining with virtual in-the-sky racetracks. In the two years since, the technology platform enabling augmented reality on fast-moving cameras has evolved to enable applications for mission-critical work with fire (California Wildfires), police and search & rescue (Hurricane Harvey and Irma) departments around the US. 

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