Raheel Khalid

Chief Technical Officer & Chief Engineer, Envrmnt by Verizon

Raheel Khalid is a game industry and mobile operating systems veteran that serves as the Chief Engineer for Verizon Labs Virtual Reality division. Using years of experience in building large scale game engines and graphics platforms he architects and sets the technical vision for Verizon’s future in VR streaming services.

My Sessions

Cloud XR Experience on 5G with Mobile Edge Networks

Room B1

Augmented and Virtual Reality has a baseline for low latency and high-fidelity graphics which forces users into long install times and longer downloads. In this session, we will explore how Envrmnt built a pipeline for streaming 3d mesh data, textures, animations and more. We’ll review our platform for delivery, distribution and real-time updates that scales to hundreds of thousands of concurrent users and is accelerated by 5G and Verizon’s Mobile Edge Cloud Computing Platform.

Inspire Track