Richard Marks

Research Fellow, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Richard Marks heads the PlayStation Magic Lab within Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Research & Development group. Magic Lab was founded by Marks to push the boundaries of play by exploring how technology can be used to create new entertainment experiences.

Marks joined PlayStation in 1999 to investigate the use of live video input for gaming and to develop new interactive user experiences. He helped create the EyeToy and PlayStation Eye cameras, as well as the PlayStation Move controller. Most recently, Marks and his team have been involved with PlayStation VR, experiments with eye tracking technology and other innovations.

He received a Bachelor of Science in avionics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a doctorate in the field of underwater robotics from Stanford University.

My Sessions

Unlocking VR’s Potential

Room B1

As virtual reality progresses, it is time for the industry to focus on broadening content and better leveraging current VR systems. In this talk, Richard Marks, Research Fellow at PlayStation, will go in-depth about games that appeal to a large audience while delving into the importance of accessibility in VR. Attendees will learn best practices that have been employed in several successful PlayStation VR games and discover new approaches for making VR experiences shareable.

Inspire Track