Ron Padzensky

Author, The Definitive Guide to Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

Ron Padzensky is a technology professional with an extensive background in business intelligence, analytics and data architecture. He has held a number of roles at Fortune 500 companies, mid-size enterprises and consulting firms. He began researching AR in 2012 with an eye toward pivoting into the industry when it became viable to do so. Ron is the author of the Definitive Guide to Augmented Reality Smart Glasses — a free resource created to advance the industry by helping people to learn about mobile AR technologies and how the most promising products are implementing them today. He is also the author of the Augmera blog where he writes about his research into all aspects of AR. He serves as an analyst at AugmentedReality.org and serves as the co-chair of the Augmented Reality Chicago Meetup. Ron is currently serving as a Principal of Brainwaive, LLC — a global advisory working at the critical intersection of emerging technologies and cyber security in the enterprise.