Roy Ashok


Roy Ashok currently operates as Chief Executive Officer of DAQRI.

Prior to assuming the position of CEO in October 2017, Roy spearheaded hardware and software strategy as Chief Product Officer, successfully bringing DAQRI Smart GlassesTM and DAQRI VosTM Extension for Unity, a proprietary operating system, to market. Since then, Roy has continued to lead the creation and execution of the overall professional- grade product roadmap.

Throughout his career Roy has held a variety of management leadership roles in software engineering, business, and product management for notable industry leaders including Hughes Software Systems, and, most recently, Qualcomm Incorporated, as Director of Product Management. In this role, he co-founded and led the development of five generations of Vuforia – an AR platform for mobile devices that grew into an ecosystem with over 200,000 developers and 20,000 applications.

Roy holds a BE(Hons) in Electrical Engineering from BITS, Pilani (India), an MS in Computer Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, and an MBA from Cornell University.


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DAQRI Worksense – Enhancing your Workforce with AR

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While the discussion around what is possible in the future is very exciting, what receives less attention is that augmented reality is delivering results today. Currently, DAQRI’s augmented reality products are being used to improve business outcomes across manufacturing, field services, maintenance, quality assurance inspections, construction, and many other use cases in companies all over the world.

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