Ryan Fink

Co-Founder & CEO, Streem

Ryan began his career in the Augmented Reality (AR) space in 2010 by building an AR application called Ghost Runner, which had the goal of gamifying exercise in collaboration with Nike. He went on to build a machine learning and computer vision company (ONtheGO Platforms), which had 350+ enterprise customers and 100k end users and was acquired in 2015 by Atheer. At Atheer, he lead their Business Development efforts and worked closely with their product teams. Most recently, Ryan is the co-founder and CEO of on-demand collaboration company, Streem.

My Sessions

Remote Collaboration/Documentation in the XR Era

Room B4

Remote collaboration has evolved in a variety of digital forms over the past couple of decades– from early and clunky dedicated phone and video conferencing systems, through to email then online document and web and mobile phone-based conferencing systems. This evolution has given rise to growing virtual workforce era and companies to become more productive, agile, diverse and scalable.

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