Samuel Snider-Held

Creative Technologist, MediaMonks

Samuel is a creative technologist working at MediaMonks, focusing on the intersection of AR, VR, AI, and creativity.

As a CT, Samuel brings the most creative and futuristic projects come to life by providing the glue between sales, creative, and development. He has worked on VR & AR projects for Google, GE, Under Armor, Lenovo, and The World Wildlife Fund.

Samuel has Masters Degree in Design & Technology from Parsons School of Design, and an Undergraduate Degree in Philosophy. In his spare time, Samuel loves hacking side projects together and reading science fiction.

My Sessions

Enhancing Human Creativity Through Machine Learning and VR

Room J

In his talk, Sam discusses how merging these technologies represents one of the biggest innovations in realizing ideas, as well as a solution to the problem of job automation. The talk offers a glimpse of the future by demonstrating the awesome power enabled by current technologies.

Design Track