Scott Aldridge

Innovation & Disruptive Technology Leader, CDM Smith

The effects of digital disruption are changing the very nature of the relationships between our clients, business partners and the business itself. As the pace of digital disruption continues to increase, the ability to know where to focus investments and time must also increase. Scotts job is to focus on identifying emerging technologies that can deliver competitive advantage, generate value and reduce operating costs for CDM Smith and its clients. He provides guidance on how mainstream and emerging technologies can be implemented, managed, and leveraged to improve client engagement and highlight areas of differentiation over our competitors.

One such emerging technology is mixed reality using Microsoft’s HoloLens to achieve immersive visualization by overlaying 3D graphics onto the view of the real world via the devices transparent lenses. CDM Smith is an early innovator in the use of mixed reality and Scott Aldridge has spent the last three years piloting and deploying the firms mixed reality collaboration solutions. Although the market for mixed reality is in a very early phase of adoption, CDM Smith is leveraging mixed reality to enable its clients to interact with 3D digital content in the real world at scale. Our use of HoloLens has transformed our ability to collaborate and communicate on a broad range of business focused activities with great success.

Scott is based out of Raleigh, NC and has 25 years of experience collaborating with technology and business leaders to ensure digital disruption is part of a deliberate innovation strategy.

My Sessions

Leveraging Mixed Reality to Transform Design and Engineering on Infrastructure Projects

Room B4

Mixed reality is allowing us to have immersive experiences in support of stakeholder engagement, design review, knowledge transfer, public outreach, virtual site visits, constructability reviews and before long operations and maintenance, asset management and training scenarios.

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