Scott McCormick

Founder & CEO, Emergent Enterprise

Scott McCormick is the founder of Emergent Enterprise Consulting and editor of emergent-enterprise.com, a topical tech news website that includes articles on user experience (UX) and technologies such as AR/VR, AI, and IoT and how they are used in the business world. He speaks nationally on topics such as UX, digital transformation and enterprise technology. Scott has over 30 years’ history in enterprise training efforts, is a co-founder of Float, an enterprise mobility company, and was a contributor to the book Mastering Mobile Learning.

Since 2010, Scott has spoken at dozens of conferences across the country. Recently he was on an expert panel at the Industry 4.0 ThinkTank Conference in Chicago and is speaking at the Realities 360 Conference in San Jose later this year. He recently shared The ACT Connection™ session with Micron Technologies, the National Restaurant Association and is scheduled to deliver it to Chik-fil-A in late February.

My Sessions

AR for Industrial Applications

Room B4

By implementing augmented reality, smart companies are able to deliver important business information on demand and at the time of need in the user’s field of vision. This expert panel will discuss the opportunities and challenges of enterprise AR, share real world use cases and shed light on the truth and myths of augmented reality user experience, ROI and speed-to-delivery.

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