Shannon Norrell

CTO, XR Startup

Shannon is a Top Silicon Valley Engineer and Tech Community Leader. He formerly worked in the CTO Office of HP and was their VR Evangelist, guiding vision both internally and externally. He has over 20 years’ experience as an engineer in Silicon Valley at places like Apple, Microsoft, Macromedia and now, HP.

Organizer of VRCamp at Burning Man, Silicon Valley WebGL Meetup (largest in the world), co-organizer of Silicon Valley AR Meetup, organizer of Mars Home Planet Meetup. Chairman of the W3C Declarative WebVR Community. Member of the IEEE Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Working Group and the Khronos OpenXR Working Group.

He is currently CTO of a Stealth Startup in the XR space.

My Sessions

Remote Collaboration/Documentation in the XR Era

Room B4

Remote collaboration has evolved in a variety of digital forms over the past couple of decades– from early and clunky dedicated phone and video conferencing systems, through to email then online document and web and mobile phone-based conferencing systems. This evolution has given rise to growing virtual workforce era and companies to become more productive, agile, diverse and scalable.

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