Sophie Howe

Co-Founder & CEO, Xesto

Sophie Howe is the CEO and co-founder of Xesto, a gesture recognition startup allowing developers to quickly add accurate touchless gestures into applications, using machine learning. She is looking to change the way people approach developing new applications, starting with augmented reality and virtual reality.

My Sessions

My Sessions

My Sessions

2nd Pitch Showcase Part 1

Room XK

Come cheer on Top XR Founders when they pitch their startups to a panel of industry leaders and investors at the 2nd WXR Pitch Showcase!

The Pitch Showcase will kick off a 10 week mentorship and educational program for the 8 selected companies. The companies span 5 cities across North America and are building innovative products in education, healthcare, retail, enterprise, and more.

XR4Inclusion Track

Gestures: It’s Time for a Touchless World

Room GH

It is 2018, we are normalizing realities beyond the physical. Virtual reality and augmented reality are, by nature, in the forefront of innovation. So why are we still using touchscreens and controllers? We are already talking to our tech, why not wave at it too? It’s time to adopt a new and more natural way of interacting with technology.

Develop Track