Spandana Govindgari

Co-Founder, Hype

Spandana is the co-founder of Hype – the ad network for augmented reality that focuses on bringing contextualized ads into every AR app. Before Hype, she worked at Snap and Apple as a software engineer in diverse spaces like commerce, monetization, and maps.

My Sessions

Founder Flashtalks from the 1st WXR Cohort

Room XK

From providing AR advertising solutions to using brain computer interfaces to control VR experiences, the startups in the 1st WXR Cohort bring a variety of immersive solutions to the world. Who are some of these top female Founders? Meet a few of the WXR Founders from our 1st Cohort as they step up to the mic and sizzle the audience with flash talks.

XR4Inclusion Track