Suzanne Leibrick

Intel RealSense Virtual Reality Experience Design Manager, Intel

Suzanne Leibrick is a Virtual Reality Experience Designer for Intel RealSense Technologies. She is also cofounder of ARVR Academy (arvracademy.io) , a nonprofit dedicated to providing education, mentorship and open source teaching materials to communities that are underrepresented in the tech industry, specifically focusing on the Augmented and Virtual Reality industries. Prior to joining Intel, Suzanne was also a course developer at Udacity, teaching 360 Storytelling and Immersive media as part of the Virtual Reality Nanodegree. Mentor to Boost VR companies, and highly active in the Indie VR community, as well as a member of the IGDA VR SIG. Before immersing herself in the VR industry, Suzanne also worked in mobile health and fitness gaming as creative lead.

My Sessions

How Storytellers Teach Ethical Behavior

Room XK

How audiences respond to immersive stories that address diversity issues: explore what has worked and what doesn’t in terms of narrative technique and designing for embodiment in VR. Share advice to others who want to make a social impact this way.

XR4Good Track